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        Deathblow was created at October 2006 in Tula city, Russia, when Phil Smith and his old friend David Jackson had met up Ilia Shestokoff in the high school. At that moment Phil already had some recorded stuff (he'd recorded first 12 songs (those Phil wrote by himself and called it "Way to Hell") on his home studio) and gave it to Ilia to check music out. Next day Ilia brought that disc back and told to Smith that he was shocked. And almost immediately said he wanna play in new Phil's band.

        On next week Ilia and Phil started to look for a other members of the bend and place for rehearsals. But nothing good happened. By the way both boys finishing the high school at that school year (2006-07) and they couldn't begin to work with full power.

        All changed in the May`07. Boys finally found their second guitarist (Alex). Afterward they found place for jamming too. Approx at this time name "Deathblow" appeared. Smith wrote some new musical stuff for a second home-recorded album.

        It was a dirty room with a cheep instrumental technologies. But at first time it was enough. They were very glad to play their favorite music. Guys made jam every night. And finally summer came in the city. When school was finished (in first half of June`07) they got a lot of free time.

        At February of 2008, guys received the offer to performance at Tula State University fest with 3 songs. Of course they agreed and started preparing 'Unforgotten', some part of 'Nothing to say' and sure 'Die for fun'. David made some theater show on the stage. Alex Varnavskiy, an old friend of Phil And David, has been asked by him for some helping as actor to be an executioner on 'Die for fun' song. And so, at March 21st, `08 Deathblow played they first gig. 800 people were there and they kept rocking good for a first time on a stage as Deathblow.








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