Alex Karpoff

Born: October 13th, 1989

From: Tula, Russia

Personal: single

Instrument: Guitar, Background vocals

Vitals: Blue/Green eyes, blonde hair, 

            5'10"/1.75 meters tall  


Alex Karpoff was born in Tula city and he still lives out there nowadays.
When Alex was 12 he got the music interest. Grown up on great Russian rock bands such as AriA, Kino, Alisa, one day he felt something special and said to himself: 'I really wanna play a guitar!' At that time Alex couldn't even image what real guitar, processors, amps are. A usually acoustic was his dream... his own acoustic.


Approx 2 weeks later He finally found 6-strings guitar which condition could be better. The huge rift on the sounding board made pleasing noise, while playing, and the sound became special. The one familiar man studied him to play guitar in the elevator-operator room (by the way Alex' gonna pay tribute for his lessons). Mastered elementary things with guitar, Karpoff played on yards and on flats of familiar people. It lasted not long. The guitar had lived its 'life' and finally fallen apart.

Thrown music approx for 3 years Alex began schooling and sporting. When he was 16 he became working and after 2 months accumulated some cash for buying new guitar and guitar effects processor and around the time the music feeling has come to him again. With his friend, who could keep musical instruments he created the band called 'Free falling' ('Svobodnoe padenie'). But lifetime of the band was simply short and after 3 month it successfully crumbled away.

But one spring day Alex received a phone call from Deathblow. They looking for a rhythm guitar player and they wanted Alex to fly out and audition. He's said 'Yes' particularly after listening to the band stuff. And now Alex Karpoff has become an
irreplaceable part of the Deathblow, of the family.







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Exclusive handmade guitar (green)

Zoom 505 guitar effects processor

Shure microphones




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