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Phil Smith

Born: June 29th, 1990

From: Middletown, Ohio

Personal: single

Instrument: Vocal, Guitar

Vitals: Grey eyes, blonde/brown hair, 

            5'8"/1.71 meters tall  


Phil Smith was born in Middletown, small town near Cincinnati. Exactly there Phil began hearing to rock music first time these were old heavy-metal bands like Deep Purple and other. All this story started approx at 4 years old when Phil heard 'Smoke on the Water' and after that he felt something special to this band and this style). When Phil was 6 his mother started studying him to play a piano different classical music but at 8 years old he threw it out because it was boring for him to play that stuff. But anyway he already had good musical knowledge.

Growing up in Cincinnati he began listen old classic rock (Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, etc) and when Phil was 14 he completely decided to take the guitar in his hands and start playing. Fortunately he already got the old acoustic guitar. And finally at X-Mass`05 his parents bought his first electric guitar. Smith was playing 6-8 hours per day, everyday and by himself! And after one year Smith decided to buy and bought his first guitar effects processor.

And again in 2005's spring he with his family moved. On that time to Tula city - the small city situated in 100 miles from Moscow to south. And exactly there he decided he gotta not just play guitar, he gotta sing. Besides in Tula he wrote his first song and first album, successfully finished high school and got studing at the Tula State University.

An idea to create his own band born long tame ago in the Smith' head. The push to do it was Metallica music. When Phil first time heard em he immediately understood he IS wanna to play in his OWN band. And fortunately he's met up Ilia Shestakoff in high school who wanted to play in the band too but Ilia was too lazy to do it alone and he needed to be pushed. And Smith has pushed him so strong so after 1 year Ilia bought bass guitar and start to play in the Phil's band called 'Deathblow' as bass guitarist

Long time Smith decided one thing - write the lyrics in English or in Russian but after Metallica's and Deep Purple's waves the question disappeared like a mist - surely in English! Afterward Phil and Ilia have found their drummer Dimon, 2nd guitarist Alex and place and time for sound checking. And so now Smith is lead guitar, vocal and lyrics writer of the Deathblow







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Jackson JS 6T Kelly (red)

Epiphone FAT 30 EB (black w. white)

Shihoff acoustic guitar `70


Zoom 606 guitar effects processor

Marshall 4x12 gutar cabinet

Randall 75 power amplifier

SHURE microphones

YAMAHA DGX 205 keyboard (use in the studio only)




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