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David Jackson

Born: May 30th, 1988

From: Middletown, Ohio

Personal: single

Instrument: Drums

Vitals: Green eyes, blonde/brown hair, 

            5'9"/1.73 meters tall  


David Jackson (aka Karpilos) was born May 30th 1988. From first day of living he showed the great love to music. Already at 4 years old David dreamed to be drummer drumming with pencils at furniture, toys and dishes. At 8 he went to the summer camp first time and saw performing of some guys playing little piano (keyboard). Two days later he could get acquainted with that wonderful machine. Got much positive emotions, David asked parents to present him such one as a Christmas gift. They couldnt refuse son that useful toy. So after a half of year self-studying of playing keyboard began.

Time went, and fate of the toy was chosen. And, like other toys, it went to the Shadows kingdom. The need of buying new one appeared. And when Jackson finished secondary school, his parents presented him really musical instrument (Keyboard Casio CTK-591). So when his fascination got new nature of music relation. The first accompanied song by the keyboard was appeared already after one week. And after month instrumental album was republished, written on that toy long time ago. After few time else, full musical compositions began appearing where David kept all rules of good music. Soon addition to aforesaid he began to use many different computer musical programs. He wrote clubbing hits sounding no bad. David didnt dwell at this style long time and started playing his keyboard again.  

One day he appeared in one interesting company loving to play and sing good rock songs. Jackson interested it too. On his 18th birthday parents presented him Hohner acoustic guitar. After few time he postponed the guitar because guys from new company offered him to play keyboards in their band. Not thinking long time, he gave positive answer. There are 3 guitarists in the band. They play acoustic guitars but they kept their roles (bass, rhythm, solo). David played keyboard looks like his first toy. But in most cases he didnt play notes. He played drum tracks. Exactly because of this hes called himself Keydrummer. Long and nerve-racking rehearsals began. Guys met to play in their houses. To get real rehearsal was impossible. Afterward they finally could to get a rehearsal base, but boys jammed only two times out there. Time of sound-checking was cut till 2 times pre month. And surely that wasnt enough. The band began crumbling away. 

One year walked by. Around the time David remembered the real keyboard playing and still studying guitar. So some new songs were written and finally music for his 2 old songs appeared too (I kill Myself, The Color World), written by himself when he was 14. By the way texts of these songs were certificated on one contest for kids (Can you image songs about blood and death on a kids contest?). It happened because they were philosophical and because of that songs got confession of the jury. 

And in one May Day of 2007 he got invitation to play drums in new first trash-heavy-metal band called Deathblow!!!

So that was beginning of his heavy-metal present, the present of his life.







Deathblow on MySpace (www.myspace.com/deathblowhere)





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